A little blog about little old Newberg

This blog is about my little adventures and misadventures living in Newberg, Oregon. This town is twenty minutes outside of Portland, Oregon, if you are driving here at 2 o’clock in the morning, that is. If you are driving here at other times of the day it could take up to forty five minutes to get here. Newberg is in the Chehalem Valley and it is the gateway to Oregon’s Wine country. The Austin’s, the owners of ADEC the largest dental equipment manufacturer in North America, just built an eco-friendly resort called the Allison Inn and Spa here and Newberg is the home of the George Fox University Bruins. GO BRUINS! there are more coffee shops per capita in Newberg then any other town in Oregon. In 2010 there were 21 coffee shops in the city limits but with the down turn in the economy in 2011 thet number was reduced to 19. Newberg is far enough away from Portland that it has it’s own little flavor. that is the real reason I’m writing this. With shows like portlandia out there people are going to think that every one in Oregon is like that and Newbergian or nerbergites or newbergers or what ever we call ourselves are not from portland!


About jaysaynayyay

I just wanted to learn how to put a blog into a website so I needed to develop content fast. SOLUTION: do a blog about the beatitudes. I find the beatitudes some of the most fascinating passage of the bible so this is my quickly generated content for my project on expanding my knowledge of website development and website design.
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